Sailboat Modifications

Below you will find links and videos that document modifications on particlar sailboats.


Catalina 27 A homepage of a Catalina 27 with alot of good modifications illistrated
Catalina 30 Modifications on a 1982 Catalina 30
Catalina 30 A website with some good upgrade and modifications on a Catalina 30
Compac 16 A Compac 16 owner's webpage with some good upgrades
Commodore 17 - Some very handy projects with great photos here on a Commodore 17 "Widget"
ComPac 19 Different modifications on one man's 1982 Com-Pac 19
CS 34 A website with technical issues with the CS 34 and modifications
CSY Some good info on a couple of CSY sailboats with some project and modifications

Escale 39 A website with well documented projects and upgrades to a Escale Catamaran
Endeavour 37 - (2011) Great mods and info on a couples Endeavour 37

FD 12 A webpage about a FD 12, a 50' cutter with some good modifications made
Flicka 20 Different modifcations on this Flicka 20's website
Freedom 21 Modifications on Freedom 21's

Macgregor 25 Ideas and modifications for a Mac 25 Venture
Macgregor 26 Rudder The plans and explanation of building a rudder for a Mac 26
Macgregor 26D A couple's webpage of their sailboat and modifications
Macgregor 26X A homepage for a Mac 26X with some modifications
Matilda 20 A blog with modifications to a Matilda 20
Matilda 20 Here they make modifications to a Matilda 20 in a blog
Morgan 43 Modifications and upgrades to a Morgan 43

O'day 25 Some helpful information on modding an O'day 25
O'day 25 Useful Modifications on an O'day 25

Precision 165 One owners documentation of his modifications to his P 165

Santana 2023 Much information on a Santana 2023 with good mods
Santana 2023 A great website with lots of Mods to the Santana
Seaward 25 Some good modifications on a Seaward 25
Southcoast 22 Upgrades and modifications on a old SC 22

Tartan 37 Modifications for cruising in a Tartan 37

West Wight Potter 19 Good mods on a WWP 19
WWP 15 A page dedicated to Potter with many modifications.
WWP 15 A webpage with modifications on a P 15
WWP 19 A few interesting modifications with this P 19